Our Ministry

Charles G. Robinette, his wife, Stacey, and their two daughters Aleia and Brienna, served the Lord, overseas, for nearly 28 years.

Bro. Robinette was elected as the General Superintendent of the

United Pentecostal Church of Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria in 2009 and served the Lord and God’s people in the German speaking nations until he resigned in 2021.


Our Story

Stacey D. Robinette

Stacey D. Robinette, pioneered a thriving ladies ministry in the German speaking nations and served as the appointed Ladies Ministry President of the UPC-GSN for many years. She cast vision for “WOW: Women of Worth,” resulting in the Renewal, Restoration and Revival of women all around the globe. She also spearheaded a ministry for Pre-Teen, called “Warriors.” Both of these ministries were catalyst for the multigenerational apprehension and activation of kingdom vision that was being cast by Bro. Robinette and the UPC-GSN national board during their tenure of leadership.

They have also served as International Evangelist for twenty years, ministering in nearly one hundred nations of the world and have personally witnessed God fill over 400,000 people with the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. In their global travel, they have witnessed the Lord do hundreds of thousands of notable miracles, including blind eyes being opened, deaf ears unstopped, the lame walking, the mute speaking, creative miracles such as ears growing instantly and all manner of diseases being miraculously healed.

About Us

Our Mission

The Robinette family has also served as church planters. They planted thriving churches in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

The Robinette family also founded the Apostolic Ministry Training Center (AMTC) in 2008 and served as the AMTC President until they resigned from that role in 2019. AMTC doubled in campuses, students, and instructors, annually, over the last four years of their leadership. In 2019 during their last year as AMTC President, AMTC had 31 campuses and nearly 500 students. AMTC is continuing to effectively equip the next generation for apostolic ministry in the German speaking nations. AMTC is also being used for the development of God’s global army beyond the German speaking nations.

Aleia and Brienna are tremendous young women of God who are being mightily used of the Lord in a variety of ways, including writing books and music ministry.

The Robinette family continue to be Radically Apostolic!